Though stabilizers are useful for any kind of application, these are most suitable for 24 hours continuous process plants where breakdown due to fluctuation results in heavy financial losses. These include :

  • Cement Plants,
  • Flour Mills Clubs,
  • Engineering Units,
  • Hotels,
  • Pharmacetical Units,
  • Rolling Mills,
  • Rice Shellers,
  • Tube Mills,
  • Textile Mills,
  • Paper Mills,
  • Cold Storages,
  • Food Processing Units,
  • Hospitals & Nursing Home ,
  • Tea Estate,
  • Footware & Leather Units,
  • Distillersies & Beverages,
  • Oil & Vanaspati Plants,
  • High Rise Buildings,
  • Rubber Industries.

Cement Plant Control System

One of the critical areas of operation in Cement making is grinding and packing unit in the final stages. Captive power is also prime requirement for many of the cement units as they need huge power.

  • Blending & Grinding
  • Burning and Kiln Unit
  • Mixing and Storage Unit
  • Packing Unit
  • Asbestos Cement / Sheeting Unit
  • Raw Material Handling
  • Cooler Control

Paper Plant Control system

Complete automation, power distribution and electrification solution is enabling a paper machine to run at desired high speed and productivity while minimizing power consumption.

  • Electrical panels for Paper making /finishing/processing equipment for winders, coaters, super calenders, cutters
  • Drive equipment from large motors (thermal mechanical pulper, chipper) to small motors
  • Power distribution system, High/Low voltage distribution system
  • High and low voltage motors/energy saving inverter systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems for pulp mill and paper machine
  • Factory Automation control system for finishing process/ logistics/warehouse automation
  • Utility monitoring system to save energy (Load Shedding and load management
  • Instrumentation and electric control integrated system/Manufacturing control system(SCADA/DCS/HMI)

Steel Plant Control system

The most important controls in any steel plant are the controls of the furnaces, its recovery lines etc. Acid Recovery in any of the steel mills is the most difficult process as these are highly corrosive in nature. This requires specialized knowledge and experience of choosing the most appropriate trim materials for all online instruments. .

  • Coke Oven Battery
  • Drive equipment from large motors (thermal mechanical pulper, chipper) to small motors
  • Annealing Furnance Automation
  • Pit Automation
  • Continous Caster
  • Coke Oven By Product Plant
  • Alumina Refinery

Pharmaceutical Plant Control system

The pharmaceutical industry requires an extremely tight control over processes which are inter-dependent on the quality of power supply services. While the technologies for running such plants and their interconnected logistics have matured tremendously over the years, there continue to be several key concerns in its operations. There is a very high focus today on improved plant utilizations with heightened revenue consciousness, bottom-line efficiencies, productivity benchmarks and system improvement requirements.
Process Continuity
In a typical pharmaceutical installation, there are many operations of periodic as well as continuous nature with varying process time constants during which it may be a critical requirement for some of the electrical loads, such as pumps, motors, compressors, drives etc. to be supported with electrical power. Many plants have their own captive power for inhouse consumption, reliable power availability to critical processes, improved power quality as well as power export which may operate in grid connected or islanded configuration. Thus it is important to maintain the process continuity of all the critical auxiliaries in the plant in the event of a contingency.

The Servo stabilizer has definitely an edge over traditional stabilizers.

A Servo Stabilizer In relay stabilizer, a switch corrects the output voltage accuracy at ±10%. But in Servo, the primary Servo motor corrects supply using buck-boost function. This type of stabilizer is beneficial for high output voltage accuracy. It provides ±1 % voltage output where input voltage alters up to ± 50 %. This type supports up to 5000 KVA & above so it has a higher load capacity.Ultimately, the major difference between the two is performance as Servo is a stepless correction technologically superior to traditional relay transformers and gives accurate output.

is a popular replacement for low high rating appliances used in both commercial and residential places, homes and industries that provides unmatched voltage supply to protect your fragile equipments. Servo has both single-phase and three-phase systems coming in Oil cooled and Air-cooled units.

Why do I use a Servo stabilizer

A Servo Stabilizer is not just a voltage fixing system, but a completely reliable energy device that is advantageous over the traditional relay based stabilizer. We have quite a number of benefits of using Servo:

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