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We are a prime Manufacturer and Exporter of HT Transformers, which are designed and tested as per the international standards. These HT transformers are useful for converting high electrical energy into a moderate level. We offer these transformers at very reasonable prices in order to suit the budget needs of all..

Winding: Transformer windings also known as 'Coils' are precisely designed to meet three basic requirements: thermal, mechanical and electrical. These windings wound concentrically and are cylinder shaped. Both H.V. L.V. type windings are wound with adequate securing and brazing tapes in order to get a sturdy, robust and self-supporting structure. It is provided with inter layer ducts which ensure low-temperature gradient between windings and oil so the hot spot temperature is kept to the minimum. This guarantees that the rate of insulation deterioration is lowered to attain high life expectancy.

Winding Connections: Tapping and phase lead run in paper covered conductors. Adequate barriers are used to separate the phase leads from the tapping. Rigidly brazed tubes are used to maintain the required clearance from the coil to tank.
LV Leads, larger in cross-section, are usually sturdy and robust, where necessary supports are provided.


In the order to prevent deformation under short-circuit forces; solid insulation end block and ring are used. Winding are compressed under top and bottom clamping members with the help of tie rods. The axial end thrust under fault conditions is minimized by the suitable balance of the ampere-turns over the length of windings. In a case of the bigger transformer, the HV tapping leads are taken out from two positions to balance the short-circuit forces in a much better way.


All tank are made from mild steel sheet of adequate thickness with corrugated wall panel type radiators of pressed steel fin/cooling tube for heat dissipation. All tanks are checked by magma flux, ultraviolet ray dies penetrating system to ensure that there is absolutely no leakage from any part of the tank.


Tanks are shot blasted to remove mill and welding scale and then a primer coat is immediately applied to the exterior to eliminate rust formation. After priming, all tanks receive a coat of intermediate paint and after pressure testing; they receive a final coat of high gloss paint applied by spray. This ensures high coverage helping to combat corrosion in an inaccessible place.

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