Servo Voltage Stabilizers


Servo Voltage Stabilizer uses an advance electronic controlled servo motor concept to govern a motorized variable transformer. Because of the motors involved, there is a small delay in voltage correction. However, output voltage accuracy is usually ±1% with input voltage changes of up to ±50%. This type of technology tends to be extremely effective when considering large three phase applications, as it is able to maintain its accuracy of all these phases, despite of input voltages balance and load balance at any power factor.

Why you need a Servo Voltage Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage Regulator or Controller:

Highly fluctuation in AC supply is a common phenomenon in whole country. The voltage requirement of different electrical appliances is vary to a great extent. The electronics equipment like spectrophotometers, PH-Meter, X-Ray plant, recorders are all affected by high main voltage, whereas the refrigerators, deep freezers, incubators and other compressors are affected by low main voltage. How ever in industries, which are running 24 hours, also affected by this fluctuation voltage. So to achieve constant voltage Servo Stabilizers are used.

The main function of the Stabilizer is to stabilize the voltage & safeguard the electrical equipment’s. Energy saving is an added advantage.We provide protection against short circuit, over load, over voltage/under voltage and also if customers have any specific requirement.The efficiency of our Stabilizer is more than 97% in comparison with other type available in the market. A solid state, plug in type printed circuit Board (PCB) is used for control.Rate of correction is 10 to 50 volts/second.

How will I select stabilizer rating for my home/office?

Before selection the stabilizer you need to know how much power you use. By taking an inventory of all the essential electrical loads in your house / office, and doing a basic electrical load evaluation, you can get a good idea how much power your system needs to produce. Second, you have to know about the power Fluctuations situations also that means what voltage minimum / maximum you are getting from the main A.C. supply. In brief, you have to select the Input Voltage window and the power consumption of your appliance.

Why do I use a Servo stabilizer

A Servo Stabilizer is not just a voltage fixing system, but a completely reliable energy device that is advantageous over the traditional relay based stabilizer. We have quite a number of benefits of using Servo:

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