Why we need a Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

A consistent and fixed supply of voltage is very important for the safety and long life of electronic equipment and appliances. Sudden and odd power fluctuations not only reduce the life span but also damage electronic appliances. The voltage fluctuation and power but they have failed to do so because at user's end it is not constant.The main function of the Servo voltage Stabilizer is to stabilize the voltage & safeguard the electrical equipment.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage Regulator:

It is also called the Automatic Voltage Regulator. The automatic voltage stabilizer regulates and controls the voltage. A voltage stabilizer is an electronic device that supplies a consistent voltage output irrespective of input supply. It protects electronic appliances from under and over voltage supply. Voltage fluctuation occurs due to the odd power load. Please note, automatic voltage stabilizers are not meant to provide an uninterrupted constant output instead they regulate the load in a standard acceptable range of voltage.

The main function of the Stabilizer is to stabilize the voltage & safeguard the electrical equipment’s. Energy saving is an added advantage.We provide protection against short circuit, over load, over voltage/under voltage and also if customers have any specific requirement.The efficiency of our Stabilizer is more than 97% in comparison with other type available in the market. A solid state, plug in type printed circuit Board (PCB) is used for control.Rate of correction is 10 to 50 volts/second.

How to choose a right voltage stabilizer?

Well, many people get confused while buying a voltage stabilizer, which stabilizer we should buy. But it is not a that big decision. Let’s make it clear once for all.

First, understand the utility and purpose of a voltage stabilizer. It saves the electronic home appliances from under and overvoltage fluctuations. Under why you need a voltage stabilizer like if there is heavy voltage fluctuation in area then you need a voltage stabilizer. Now, comes the question which stabilizer you should buy. For this, first, check out the total power ratings of your electronic appliances. Power rating comes in VA or KVA. Also, see whether you are using a single phase or three phases circuit. You can check the KVA rating of the electronic appliance on the nameplate of the appliance.

Please note, here kVA means kilo-volt-ampere and VA means volt ampere. 1 kVA = 1000-volt amperes. Also, take the future into consideration. Consider the future expansion load. To be more precise House needs: 200 VA, 300 VA, 1KVA, 2 KVA, 3 KVA, 4 KVA, 5 KVA, 8 KVA to 10 KVA power Factories & Industries: Require 200KVA, 300 KVA, 400 KVA to 500 KVA or even more depending on the type of work.

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